This client in Fort Lauderdale, FL called Hydros Marine Construction because he was losing soil from his yard into the canal behind his property. We were able to clean the entire wall to make it free of marine growth and reface the existing seawall with mortar for a very effective repair. No more seawall soil loss!!
Don’t waste your money on questionable tactics like foam injections that cost a lot of money and could damage your seawall! We use proven, effective and cost effective methods!
Hydros is the ONLY seawall repair company to warranty our repair work! We are here to make sure your seawall remains alive and well for years to come! If you notice any problematic indicators on your existing seawall, CALL Hydros MC today for a seawall inspection and free estimate and consider seawall repair as soon as possible to avoid more costly problems in the future. Repairing your seawall now may help to reduce the need for substantial excavation, seawall demolition or even the need to replace your seawall.
You can also visit our website at to receive your free quote. Servicing South Florida including Palm Beach County, Broward County and Miami-Dade County.