Docks & Pilings

When you need work on your dock or pilings – Hydros MC can help!

Docks & Pilings Services

Piling Repair

Often, we can save your pilings with a repair, in lieu of costly removal, and replacement.  We use a variety of techniques to include Marine Grade Poly Wraps, Concrete Wraps and SnapJacket Brand Solutions.

Dock Repair

At Hydros no dock repair is too small or large!  Whether you wish to have a few dock boards replaced or you desire to replace your rusted and corroded galvanized hardware with Marine Grade Stainless Steel, we can help!

Concrete Restoration and Repair

If your Sewall Cap, Panels or Pilings are showing signs of rust, Hydros can help.  We have the machinery and experience to restore concrete that has been exposed to corrosive environments.  Additionally, we can seal and protect your concrete seawall, dock or piling to protect it from future corrosion attacks.

Lumber Dock Piling Installation

At Hydros you will find we only use the highest-grade lumber products.  All lumber pilings are specifically engineered for a harsh saltwater environment with CCA Pressure Treatment that serves as both a fungicide and an insecticide.  In combination with tidal area wraps, these pilings are capable of an extremely long service life.  Additionally, pilings may be dressed in 1”x2” trim strips to match the material and color of your new dock.

Concrete Dock Piling Installation

At Hydros, we exclusively use concrete piles that are engineered and prestressed to ensure the highest degree of strength and safety.  For those wishing to construct a concrete dock of prefer concrete over lumber, a 12”x12” prestressed concrete piling is the right piling for you.

Concrete Batter Pilings

Batter Pilings can be used in several applications.  They are most commonly used to stop a seawall from movement and to support the additional weight of a new seawall cap.  Our concrete batter piles are engineered and prestressed to ensure maximum strength and quality.

Dolphin Pile Installation 

A dolphin pile is used for mooring or fending a vessel when it is parked at your dock.  We supply and install a variety of pilings in all sizes. Additionally, we can install Marine Grade “Fend-All” Fender, a line hook and cleats to compliment any mooring or fending solution you may desire.

Piling Removal

Hydros has the capability to remove and dispose Lumber and Concrete pilings.

New Lumber or Composite Dock Construction

At Hydros, we specialize in simple, yet well-built docks. Our docks are built with Marine Grade, Stainless Steel Hardware and premium pressure treated Lumber Framing.  Additionally, our Deck Screws are installed via the Camo system for a clean, hidden fastener look.  For those seeking extra strength in the event of a windstorm, we offer traditional through deck, stainless color match hardware and hurricane strap installation.  We offer several types of materials to include Pressure Treated Marine Grade lumber, PVC and composite/ plastic.

New Concrete Dock Construction

Adored for its strength and longevity,

Dock Inspections

Selling or purchasing a waterfront home?  Hydros can help!  Have your investment seawall inspected by a Florida State Licensed Marine Contractor.  We provide a written report with observations, measurements, and metrics as well as underwater photos.  We will also include an estimate for repair work if needed.  In most cases, we can conduct the repairs the same day as the inspection!  We take pride in detailed, through dock and piling observations.

Crustacean Removal

Over time, crustaceans build up on your seawall, dock and pilings creating an unsatisfactory appearance.  We offer services to remove them quickly and efficiently.

Recent Dock & Pilings Projects

Dek-O-Blocks – Deckorators Dock – Fend All Fenders – Dolphin Mooring Whips – New Dock – Dock Construction – Dock Maintenance – Dock Repair – Deerfield Beach, FL Docks – Hydros Marine Construction

Check out this beautiful new Deckorators and Dek-O-Block dock recently completed by Hydros Marine Construction in Deerfield Beach, Florida! Complete with new Fend All marina grade heavy duty bumpers and Dolphin Mooring Whips HD 18’ whips. Free quotes - Seawall repair,...

Dek-O-Blocks – Deckorators Dock – New Dock – Final Touches – Dock Construction – Dock Maintenance – Dock Repair – Deerfield Beach, FL Docks – Hydros Marine Construction

Hydros Marine Construction putting the final touches on this beautiful Deckorators down with these Dek-O-Block units in Deerfield Beach, Florida! Free quotes - Seawall repair, seawall maintenance and seawall restoration - dock repair, dock construction, piling repair...

Dek-O-Blocks – Deckorators Dock – New Dock – Dock Construction – Dock Maintenance – Dock Repair – Deerfield Beach, FL Docks – Hydros Marine Construction

An awesome day recently in Deerfield Beach, Florida. Hydros Marine Construction getting ready to install these beautiful Dek-O-Block units on this Deckorators dock! Free quotes - Seawall repair, seawall maintenance and seawall restoration - dock repair, dock...

Other Services

At Hydros, we specialize in seawall repair.  We offer a variety of repair techniques to suit any budget.  We also specialize in other seawall, dock & piling and boat lift services. Whether you are a homeowner living on a South Florida waterway or a dock master looking for a commercial repair solution, Hydros can help. Call 954-866-2622 for your free estimate.



A seawall is a structure made of concrete, masonry or sheet piles, built parallel to the shore at the transition between the beach and the mainland or dune, to protect the inland area against wave action and prevent coastal erosion. Seawalls are usually massive structures designed to resist storm surges. Hydros can help with seawall construction and seawall repair for failing seawalls. We also provide packages covering routine seawall maintenance and perform seawall inspections.


Boat Lifts

Hydros is proud to be dealers for several boatlift manufacturers.  If you have a boat, we have a boatlift for you! Hydros is happy to offer all boatlift services such as bunk adjustment, bunk carpeting, motor replacement, lubrication and greasing, wire replacement, zinc installation, track cleaning and more!

Is Your Seawall Failing or in Need of Repair?

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