When you need work on your seawall – Hydros MC can help!

Seawall Services

Seawall Inspections

Selling or purchasing a waterfront home?  Hydros can help!  Have your investment seawall inspected by a Florida State Licensed Marine Contractor.  We provide a written report with observations, measurements, and metrics as well as underwater photos.  We will also include an estimate for repair work if needed.  In most cases, we can conduct the repairs the same day as the inspection!  We take pride in detailed, through seawall observations.

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Seawall Repair

At Hydros Marine, we use tried and true methods of repairing your seawall.  From traditional Hydraulic Cement repairs to Pressure Injected Epoxy, we are experts in the art of seawall repair to ensure your seawall possesses its maximum life expectancy.

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Routine Seawall Maintenance

Routine Seawall Maintenance is often overlooked and can be the cause of larger and more costly repairs such as soil loss, undermining and seawall failure.  It is recommended your seawall be cleaned and serviced every 3-5 years.  The two most common maintenance items are King Pile/ T-Beam Sealing with Hydraulic Cement and Coral Rock Seawall Sealing with Hydraulic Mortar.  All of our maintenance work comes with an adhesion guarantee.

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Soil Loss Behind the Seawall

Soil Loss/ erosion is one of the biggest indicators that your seawall requires a repair or Routine Maintenance.  In most cases, we can diagnose and fix the issue in a single day.  We will even replace the soil you lost.

Concrete Restoration and Repair

If your Sewall Cap, Panels or Pilings are showing signs of rust, Hydros can help.  We have the machinery and experience to restore concrete that has been exposed to corrosive environments.  Additionally, we can seal and protect your concrete seawall, dock or piling to protect it from future corrosion attacks.

Jet Filter Dewatering Drains

Commonly referred to in the industry as “weep holes”, Dewatering Drains can help save your seawall from failure due to hydrostatic pressures behind the seawall.  This can happen as a result of poor drainage of upland areas during times of heavy precipitation and everyday tidal activity.  This simple filtered drain installed through your seawall could save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in lieu of a seawall failure! We proudly install Jet Filter brand dewatering drains as we feel they are of the highest quality and value for our clients.

Seawall Footer Installation 

A seawall footer serves several purposes.  First off, it provides added structure and support at the base of the seawall.  Second, its Aluminum sheet panels provide embedment into the canal berm that help retain upland fill, preventing soil loss.  We hand drive all of our footer panels, add a marine engineer specified steel configuration and backfill with high quality concrete mix capable of curing under water.

Seawall Cap Raising

Rising sea levels and municipal codes continue to dictate raising your seawall as a viable investment.  We only use high quality concrete, marine engineer steel configurations and world class finishing to include chamfered (beveled) edges and light broom finishing. 

New Seawall Construction

Most seawalls in South Florida are first generation, nearing 75+ years old in some areas.  At Hydros we offer the most modern seawall solutions to include Truline, Everlast and Shoreguard to name a few.  Additionally, we are capable of forming and pouring traditional concrete seawall panels and installing them in conjunction with either stainless steel tie-back systems or batter piles.

Supplemental Tie Back Systems

Over time, steel tie-back systems corrode to density that is not sufficient for retaining a seawall in place.  More often than not, the seawall will begin “Bowing” out toward the water.  A simple, yet effective fix may be new, supplemental tie back anchors.  We offer several types of Manta Ray, Helical and concrete “dead man” solutions to help retain your seawall.

Crustacean Removal

Over time, crustaceans build up on your seawall, dock and pilings creating an unsatisfactory appearance.  We offer services to remove them quickly and efficiently.

Other Services

At Hydros, we specialize in seawall repair.  We offer a variety of repair techniques to suit any budget.  We also specialize in other seawall, dock & piling and boat lift services. Whether you are a homeowner living on a South Florida waterway or a dock master looking for a commercial repair solution, Hydros can help. Call 954-866-2622 for your free estimate.


Docks & Pilings

At Hydros no dock repair is too small or too large. Whether you wish to have a few dock boards replaced or you desire to replace your rusted and corroded galvanized hardware with Marine Grade Stainless Steel, we can help! We can also save your pilings in lieu of a costly removal and replacement. We use a variety of techniques including Marine Grade Poly Wraps, Concrete Wraps and SnapJacket Brand Solutions.


Boat Lifts

Hydros is proud to be dealers for several boatlift manufacturers.  If you have a boat, we have a boatlift for you! Hydros is happy to offer all boatlift services such as bunk adjustment, bunk carpeting, motor replacement, lubrication and greasing, wire replacement, zinc installation, track cleaning and more!

Is Your Seawall Failing or in Need of Repair?

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