Seawall Inspections

When you need work on your seawall – Hydros MC can help!

Seawall Inspections

Simply put, you will not find a better inspection, anywhere.  Our level of detail far surpasses the competition.  Additionally, we are the ONLY Florida State Marine Specialty Licensed contractor in the area offering Marine Inspections.  You will receive a typed report with photos outlining the seawall and all associated marine structures.  This report is made available to you within 12 hours of the inspection.  Included is an estimate for proposed maintenance and/ or construction.  If you are buying a house in the South Florida Area a seawall inspection from Hydros Marine Construction is a must!

Recent Seawall Inspection Projects

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Other Seawall Services

Seawall Repair

At Hydros Marine, we use tried and true methods of repairing your seawall.  From traditional Hydraulic Cement repairs to Pressure Injected Epoxy, we are experts in the art of seawall repair to ensure your seawall possesses its maximum life expectancy.

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Routine Seawall Maintenance

Routine Seawall Maintenance is often overlooked and can be the cause of larger and more costly repairs such as soil loss, undermining and seawall failure.  It is recommended your seawall be cleaned and serviced every 3-5 years.  The two most common maintenance items are King Pile/ T-Beam Sealing with Hydraulic Cement and Coral Rock Seawall Sealing with Hydraulic Mortar.  All of our maintenance work comes with an adhesion guarantee.

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Seawall Restoration/Sandblasting

Hydros Marine Construction is now proud to offer sandblasting and steel seawall/retaining wall restoration services. Call now for your free estimate. We are licensed and insured!

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Other Services

At Hydros, we specialize in seawall repair.  We offer a variety of repair techniques to suit any budget.  We also specialize in other seawall, dock & piling and boat lift services. Whether you are a homeowner living on a South Florida waterway or a dock master looking for a commercial repair solution, Hydros can help. Call 954-866-2622 for your free estimate.


Docks & Pilings

At Hydros no dock repair is too small or too large. Whether you wish to have a few dock boards replaced or you desire to replace your rusted and corroded galvanized hardware with Marine Grade Stainless Steel, we can help! We can also save your pilings in lieu of a costly removal and replacement. We use a variety of techniques including Marine Grade Poly Wraps, Concrete Wraps and SnapJacket Brand Solutions.


Boat Lifts

Hydros is proud to be dealers for several boatlift manufacturers.  If you have a boat, we have a boatlift for you! Hydros is happy to offer all boatlift services such as bunk adjustment, bunk carpeting, motor replacement, lubrication and greasing, wire replacement, zinc installation, track cleaning and more!

Is Your Seawall Failing or in Need of Repair?

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