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Seawall, Dock & Piling and Boat Lift Services

At Hydros, we specialize in seawall repair.  We offer a variety of repair techniques to suit any budget.  We also specialize in other seawall, dock & piling and boat lift services. Whether you are a homeowner living on a South Florida (Pompano Beach, Lighthouse Point, Deerfield Beach, Coconut Creek, Lauderdale-By-the-Sea, Ft, Lauderdale) waterway or a dock master looking for a commercial repair solution, Hydros can help. Contact Hydros by calling 954-866-2622 for your free estimate.

At Hydros Marine Construction we offer a range of products and services to service, maintain and repair your seawall, dock/pilings or boat lift including:

Seawall Repair
Seawall Maintenance (Annual Program Available)
Concrete Restoration and Repair
Supplemental Tie-Back Systems
Solutions for Soil Loss Behind the Seawall
Jet Filter Dewatering Drains (Weep Holes)
Seawall Footer Installation
Seawall Cap Raising
New Seawall Construction
Seawall Inspections
Crustacean Removal

Dock Repair
Piling Repair
Lumber Dock Piling Installation
Concrete Dock Piling Installation
Concrete Batter Pilings
Dolphin Pile Installation
Piling Removal
New Lumber/Composite Dock Construction
New Concrete Dock Construction
Dock Inspections
Crustacean Removal

Coral Rock Seawall Maintenance – Deerfield Beach, FL

Before, during and after! This Hydros Marine Construction client in Deerfield Beach, FL was in need of a 3-5 year coral rock seawall maintenance.  We were able to clean the wall and reface it with a proprietary blend of hydraulic cement mix.  We take great pride in...

King Pile Seam Service – Boca Raton, FL

How is this for a before and after? This client in Boca Raton, FL called Hydros Marine Construction and complained they were losing soil and that their upland area was sinking. Look at the king pile seams - completely missing! We were able to service them with our...

Damaged Seawall Repair – Fort Lauderdale, FL

This Hydros Marine Construction client in Fort Lauderdale, FL had their seawall damaged by a neighbor’s new seawall installation. We were able to remove the unsound concrete, clean and treat the bad corroded steel and reform and pour a new cap. Is your Seawall showing...

New Cross Bracing on Finger Piers – Delray Beach, FL

Our client in Delray Beach, FL called regarding new cross bracing on their finger piers. Hydros Marine Construction was able to remove the damaged lumber and replace it with new marine grade CCA pressure treated lumber.  We only use the best marine grade material and...

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Is your Seawall showing signs of rust, corrosion or cracking and in need of maintenance? Call Hydros where we specialize in seawall maintenance and restoration. Consider Hydros Marine Construction for your seawall repair as soon as possible to avoid more costly...

Coral Rock Seawall Repair – Lighthouse Point, FL

This Hydros Marine Construction cliend in Lighthouse Point, FL was in great need of a coral rock seawall repair. His wall was cracked and leaking soil causing holes behind his seawall to appear. We were able to service and clean the wall, and reface it like new! No...

South Florida Dock Facelift

Fresh piling trim strips and copper caps for this Hydros Marine Construction client looking for a “dock facelift”. Often, we can save your pilings with a repair, in lieu of costly removal and replacement. We use a variety of techniques that include Marine Grade Poly...

Seawall Cleaning & Crack Repair – Pompano Beach, FL

Check out these before and after photos for a recent job Hydros Marine Construction did in Pompano Beach, FL!  We were able to scrape clean and pressure wash the entire seawall and then fill all cracks with a very strong hydraulic repair mortar.  This will stop soil...

Seawall Crack Repair & Refacing – Lighthouse Point, FL

Hydros Marine Construction with another fresh coral rock seawall reface and crack repair for our friends in Lighthouse Point, FL! Is your Seawall showing signs of rust, corrosion or cracking and in need of maintenance? Call Hydros where we specialize in seawall...

Soil Loss – Fort Lauderdale, FL

Our long time client and friend called us in Fort Lauderdale, FL complaining of soil loss in his backyard.  Hydros Marine Construction was able to clean and re-seal his damaged king pile seams.  We also added 3 concrete injected piling wraps to his dock, preserving...

King Pile Seams, Copper Caps & Trim Strips – Pompano Beach, FL

This Hydros Marine Construction client in Pompano Beach, FL buys and sells homes for a living.  We were able to make this seawall new again by redoing the king pile seams and adding new copper caps and trim strips. Is your Seawall showing signs of rust, corrosion or...

Scraped, Cleaned & Pressure Washed Seawall – Pompano Beach, FL

Before and after of a project Hydros Marine Construction recently completed in Pompano Beach, FL. The entire seawall was scraped, cleaned and pressure washed followed by filling the king pile seams with hydraulic repair mortar. No more leaking soil and holes behind...

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