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Hydros Marine Construction with another seawall restoration / seawall repair. This coral rock seawall in Boca Raton, Florida was prepped & sealed ensuring there will be no more soil loss! Your seawall takes a beating year after year with boat traffic, daily tidal changes, and regular erosion, along with the tropical South Florida summer thunderstorms. All of these factors continually pose a serious risk to your seawall. If you do not perform regular seawall maintenance on your seawall, it can and will fail. Hydros can help!
Free quotes – Seawall repair, seawall maintenance and seawall restoration – Call Hydros Marine Construction TODAY! We are the ONLY seawall repair company to warranty our repair work in South Florida. Hydros is here to make sure your seawall, dock or boat lift remains alive and well for years to come!
Call us or you can also visit our website at to receive your free estimate. Servicing South Florida including Palm Beach County, Florida, Broward County, Florida and Miami-Dade County, Florida.
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