The Hydros Marine Construction team is out in Boca Raton, FL installing these Manta Ray anchors to make sure this seawall stays in place.
Over time, steel tie-back systems corrode to density that is not sufficient for retaining a seawall in place. More often than not, the seawall will begin “Bowing” out toward the water. A simple, yet effective fix may be new, supplemental tie back anchors. We offer several types of Manta Ray, Helical and concrete “dead man” solutions to help retain your seawall.
At Hydros Marine Construction, we specialize in seawall repair & maintenance. We offer a variety of repair techniques to suit any budget. We also specialize in other seawall, dock & piling and boat lift services. Whether you are a homeowner living on a South Florida waterway or a dock master looking for a commercial repair solution, Hydros can help. Call today for your free estimate. You can also email us at or visit visit our website at