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Hydros Marine Construction was voted as one of the Top 10 Port & Marine Construction Services Providers in Florida for 2023 by the Construction Business Review. Check out this awesome article recently published “Hydros Marine Construction – Prioritizing Restoration over Replacement”:

Hydros Marine Construction – Prioritizing Restoration over Replacement

In an era increasingly shaped by coastal development, the demand for dependable and sustainable marine construction services has reached unprecedented heights. Hydros Marine Construction, a Florida state-licensed marine contractor, has found itself deeply embedded in the marine construction and marine concrete restoration industry and has taken the lead in responding to these needs.

Hydros distinguishes itself by concentrating its efforts on a specific niche: restoring existing marine structures instead of advocating for expensive, timeconsuming, and often unnecessary replacements. This business philosophy was partly influenced by a tragic apartment complex collapse in Surfside, Florida, emphasizing the urgent need for proactive marine concrete restoration and steel reinforcement repair of the coast’s current infrastructure. Hydros focused its successful business model on restoration, consistently saving clients substantial resources and time that would have been expended on complete replacements.

The most significant hurdles many clients encounter when working on marine construction projects are high cost and the complex web of environmental and municipal permitting. Hydros directly addresses these concerns by providing clients with all-inclusive solutions that span from initial design to project completion, including the tedious permitting process. This comprehensive service simplifies the process for clients and reduces delays typically caused by misunderstandings or mishandling of permits by general, non-specialty contractors who do not have experience in the Marine Structure restoration space.

“We’ve made a significant investment in becoming a one-stop shop for every potential need in the marine concrete restoration and construction space,” says Ryan Rodosta, president of Hydros Marine Construction and Florida State Licensed Marine Contractor. “It has become all too common for a client to ask us to take over their project’s permitting and preconstruction phases. We find that a contractor not familiar with this type of restoration has won the bid with the intent of sub-contracting the work. In turn, they are not familiar with the complex myriad of regulatory environmental and municipal requirements. We are always able to come in, correct errors, and create a seamless experience for our clients, saving them time and money.”

An example of Hydros’ ability to overcome shortcomings involves a Fort Lauderdale-based client who had been waiting over one year for an Environmental License from their previous contractor. After contacting Hydros, a field evaluation was scheduled within 24 hours. After careful examination, the team, alongside their engineer, determined they could restore the client’s 1,500 linear foot seawall using marine concrete restoration techniques rather than replacing it, saving the client hundreds of thousands of dollars and ensuring compliance with local municipal mandates.

Hydros’ spectacular reputation in the marine concrete restoration and construction space stems from an unwavering emphasis on the repair and maintenance of existing structures combined with a personalized, grassroots approach to executing projects. Despite the physically strenuous nature of this work, Hydros thrives in these situations, thanks to a dedicated, experienced team committed to innovative solutions and excellent customer service. Their approach incorporates on-site evaluations, detailed field reports, progress tracking, and the use of a dedicated in-house team of specialists to ensure the best results possible.

“To this day, we often find ourselves in a world of our own. Many contractors do not want to do this work while we’re quite comfortable in this space,” says Matthew White, President of Operations. “We saw a very strong need in South Florida for this type of service. We stepped in, built our team, and essentially perfected our processes. We love seawall repair and Marine Concrete restoration.”

With the growing impact of climate change and coastal development on the marine construction landscape, it’s heartening to know that firms like Hydros Marine Construction are at the forefront. The team offers value and comprehensive solutions for restoration projects, which they predict to be the future of marine construction. With each project, Hydros Marine Construction is setting a hopeful and sustainable course for the industry’s future.

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